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le plus loin le plus serré
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"yet I tell you, from the sad knowledge of my older experience, that to every one of you a day will most likely come when sunshine, hope, presents and pleasure will be worth nothing to you in comparison with the unattainable gift of your mother's kiss." (Christina Rossetti, "Speaking Likenesses," 1873)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

...coming soon....

Marcelo in the Real World.

There's been rather a lot of chatter about this one on the listserv, and - to my happy surprise, because Cheryl Klein is a person I like, respect and admire (and owe an infinite debt of gratitude to) - the book turned up on a year-end Best of YA list on NPR.

At the bookstore, I insisted they order in a number of copies, and now I have one in my possession. Tonight I will begin reading, and I am very, very excited. I'm hoping I can pace myself and not just spend all of tonight reading it, since I have a number of other things I need/want to accomplish (not least, reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe again for teaching on Tuesday).

I love the anticipation of a new book, especially a new book I've heard great things about, and which I've had to wait for.


Charlie said...

Great blog! I love your post on "how to bring your kids up gay", it really got me thinking. Marcelo in the Real World is on my list of books to read, I've heard good things about it, too.

Kathy B. at forwordsbooks said...

Thanks for visiting my website this morning. Thought I would return the favor. You have a wonderful blog. I heard Francisco Stork speak about "Marcello" at a conference I attended this past summer at Simmons College. He was fantastic! An attorney writing YA literature. Award winning YA literature at that. I have a copy of the book but have not read it yet. I look forward to reading your review.

Anonymous said...

After reading the New York Times' review, I understand your excitement!!! Thank you for recommending it. :)

MotherReader said...

Marcelo in the Real World is a wonderful book and well worth your time and energy. Certainly one of the best of 2009.

(I had to come by after seeing your "kittens not kids" because it has such a ring to it.)