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le plus loin le plus serré
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"yet I tell you, from the sad knowledge of my older experience, that to every one of you a day will most likely come when sunshine, hope, presents and pleasure will be worth nothing to you in comparison with the unattainable gift of your mother's kiss." (Christina Rossetti, "Speaking Likenesses," 1873)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a gift on my birthday

My birthday is at the end of June, and this year happened to coincide with ALA. I was lucky enough to attend one ALA, years ago in Atlanta; I don't have the finances to go again, but maybe someday....
At any rate, on the day of my birthday, Little, Brown tweeted a contest - 25 sets of Why We Broke Up magnets to those who couldn't attend ALA.
Because I love Maira Kalman's art, and I quite enjoyed Why We Broke Up, I emailed as instructed, shamelessly referencing my birthday. To my absolutely delighted surprise, a few days later I got an email from Little, Brown, asking for my mailing address so they could send me the magnets.


They're lovely, of course, and I'm excited to have won something (I don't do a whole lot of winning). I LOVE having book-related things - tie-ins sounds so corporate and capitalistic, so I don't like using that phrase - and I love that the magnets highlight Kalman's art, which is half of why the book is so great. I'd love to see more book projects like that one (and more magnets to accompany them?)

So, many thanks to Little, Brown for publishing Why We Broke Up, for creating such a charming magnet set, and for choosing to send one of those sets to me.
I love them!

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