le plus loin le plus serré

le plus loin le plus serré
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"yet I tell you, from the sad knowledge of my older experience, that to every one of you a day will most likely come when sunshine, hope, presents and pleasure will be worth nothing to you in comparison with the unattainable gift of your mother's kiss." (Christina Rossetti, "Speaking Likenesses," 1873)

Monday, June 11, 2012

I call dibs

Two quick ideas, neither developed at all, for future papers. I'm staking my claim NOW on these, so nobody gank my ideas while I'm writing this dissertation. Pretty sure that invoking copyright on paper topics via blogpost is a surefire, failproof, legally-watertight way to protect one's intellectual property. [/sarcasm]

Abandoned libraries. Book 9 of the Series of Unfortunate Events, the title of which has thoroughly escaped me, and Margaret Mahy's Maddigan's Fantasia. There are probably more, but these are the two that keep popping up in my brain.

Salvage/junk/trash.  Railsea, Trash, Shipbreaker, The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm. Likewise, bound to be more, but these three loom in my brain.

What about them?, you might say, Where's your thesis statement?

The "so what?" for both of these is still being processed in my mental black box. I have no doubt I'll be doing something utterly unrelated - driving, maybe, or scooping the litterbox, or wandering through target - when the "so what" will float up to the surface.

Still. Abandoned libraries. Trash/salvage.  There's something there. What can I make with it?

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